Training Courses

All McConnell-Simmons training courses are offered as standard courses and customized to meet individual organization needs. Most courses are offered in three lengths:

  • Overview
    4 hours in leingth introduces the subject and its vocabluary.
    Provides a media demonstration of the subject in use.
    Provides practice with a simulated problem
  • Basic Skills
    8 hours in length covers the material from the Overview session and also provides a simulation (which can be customized for the organization) in which participants develop basic skills by utiliizing the skills covered in the course.
  • Proficiency
    16 hours in length covers the material from the Overview and Basic Skills sessions and in addition develops their individual skills through the use of simulations based on the needs of the organization.

Participants in each course receive a Participant Workbook. The Workbooks contain three sections:
  • Preparation
    The activities required in advance for participation in the training. It is written in an interactive format and includes a short quiz that allows participants to assess their current knowledge and skill in a subject.
  • Participation
    All the materials and forms required to participate in the various activities of the session. Included are structured note taking pages.
  • Follow-Up
    Forms from the session to be used on the job and recommendations for implementation.

The workbook is both a valuable piece that reinforces the session and a textbook for later review.

Training courses can be conducted at your work site, in our training facilities, purchased for your own use or via PC.

Training courses are all customizable to your organizational needs, vocabulary, procedures and form.

Training courses can be validated at your organization to ensure they are accomplishing the desired objective.

McConnell-sommons is authorized by **** to award Continuing Education Credits for completion of all its courses.

Training courses are offered in the following areas: